You have been dancing Lindy hop for about half a year or so and know the basic triple steps, and a few patterns. During this festival you will learn more of these patterns and maybe some new steps which will fit with the music being played and if you really go out there on the social dance floor to test this out you will quickly become a good dancer at the end of this workshop.


You have been dancing for about a year or more, and have been to a workshop or two. You have a solid grasp on all of your basic steps, and feel comfortable social dancing Lindy Hop. You may be starting to try out new footwork or styling variations, and want to explore more musicality, and connection. Our instructors will help you dig into these concepts as you adventure further into the world of Lindy Hop. You will probably learn more footwork and variations and there will be a more focus on the musicality.


You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for a few years now and maybe beginning to teach Lindy Hop in your home scene. You have attended several national or international workshops and you should be comfortable social dancing to different tempoes and songs. You regularly try to incorporate alternate rhythms and footwork patterns in your social dancing. Now you’re interested in diving deep into the fundamental elements of Lindy Hop and into the world of jazz giving it your own personal style. You will learn how to be more in tune with the music and some challenging variations will probably show up.