- NOK 1500 -

3 days of classes,
tasters and parties!

Early bird price: 1250,-

(For the 20 first to sign up)


- NOK 1300 -

3 days of classes,
tasters and parties!

For students and dancers living outside of Scandinavia!


- NOK 700 -

All parties and tasters!


- NOK 400 -

Party + taster for one night!

Getting Here

Where is ALF happening exactly?
Well… In Trondheim of course! How to get there you say? I’ll tell you.


If you come from some exciting place in the world and you travel by plane, you’ll find yourself at Trondheim airport Værnes. First, remember to pick up your luggage (Important)! Next, move towards the exit of the airport building where the Starbucks coffee shop is located (at street level).

Option: Grab a coffee if you like, because the bus ride into the city to the suggested bus stops is approximately 40 minutes. For this ride we recommend listening to some sweet and mellow tunes with Oscar Peterson.

There are usually two busses which are parked outside on the street and they both go towards the Trondheim city centre. The two busses are called Værnesekspressen and Flybussen.

Here is Værnesekspressen’s web page where you can see the different stops:
If your hotel or accomodation is in the city then a good stop would be Dronningens gate.

The other bus company is Flybussen and their web page is:
One suggested stop is the Trondheim central station (Where the trains sleep) which is very close to P-Hotels Brattøra.
Speaking of trains…

You can also take a train to Trondheim central station, but they don’t leave as often from the Værnes airport. The train is normally the cheapest option and you can check the schedule here:
Search for Trondheim Lufthavn -> Trondheim S


You can of course look out for the environment by ditching airplanes altogether! Both the train and busses lands you at the Trondheim central station. Website for the Norwegian State Railway:


The local bus company in Trondheim is ironically called AtB (from A to B) and they’re always late. Except when you are, then they’re early.
On this page you can find a description of how to buy a ticket. It is quite expensive to buy a bus ticket on the bus directly with cash so avoid this at all costs. (Save your money and buy cakes instead)

Hopefully you will now find your way to us and we will be waiting to dance with you. If on the other hand you find it difficult to find your way, please send us a mail or a message on Facebook and we will help you as soon as possible.


Do you need hosting?

Get in touch with someone that can host you on the Facebook group “ALF 2019 - hosting”! We trust the communicative force of the Internet, so reach out!

Can you host someone?

We are in need of people who can host participants. The only thing that is needed is some space for a mat on the floor and a nice and positive host :-) Please visit the Facebook hosting page to get in touch with someone who needs a place to stay.


This year’s festival theme is communication! In all forms, communication is what drives us to dance together. To be able to share how we perceive the music, and to listen to our partner’s interpretation we need to work on our communication skills! As well as in life, we consider this to be one of a person’s most important traits, and that’s why we’ll focus especially on communication this year. And also of course because it’s lots of fun!